Philip Frikke-Schmidt

Date of birth: 3103 1975
Place of birth: Addis Abeba, Ethiopia
Mobile: +298 277307 / +45 29876593


Latest Headcoach jobs

Odense Kammeraternes Sportsklub, OKS
U11 (Jysk/Fynsk) & U19 coach
Tofta Ítróttarfelag, B68
1st Division woman Leauge (Faroe Islands)
Slagelse Bold- & Idrætsklub
U17 coach
Kalundborg Gymnastik- & Boldklub
Danmarksserien (4th division)
Boldklubben Søllerød-Vedbæk U15 coach
U19 coach
2nd division, assistent coach
Boldklubben Glostrup-Albertslund
2nd division, head coach & U19 coach
Lyngby Boldklub
U17, 2nd team coach

Sport Director/Head of talents jobs


07 Vestur (Faores Islands)

Head of Youth


Boldklubben Frem

Head of Talents

2018- 2018
Tofta Ítróttarfelag, B68, (Faroe Islands)
Head of Talents
Kalundborg Gymnastik- & Boldklub
Sports Director
Boldklubben Søllerød-Vedbæk
Sports Director
Boldklubben Søllerød-Vedbæk
Head of Talents


Innovative Sport Management, B-Group
Talent-Identification & Scouting, Danish FA
UEFA A-license
UEFA B-license

International study tours/Visits

3 days with NEC Nijmegen, academy and 1st team
5 days with Watford FC, academy and 1st team
2 days with FC Barcelona, academy and 1st team


By, Christian Larsen, Head of Talent, Brøndby IF

I have known Philip Frikke-Schmidt from my own time as a player in FC Copenhagen, where we was my coach for a year. Later I have been assistentcoach for Philip in HIK on their U17-team (2. division in Denmark).

Philip is very strong socially as a coach and a human being. One of this main strength as a coach is to find the right balance between disciplin and enjoyment.
At the pitch Philip demands concentration and awareness from the players.

Philip has been coach for a long time, and he got the routine at the pitch to deliver motivating training methods.

Yours faithfully

Christian Larsen
Head of Talent, Brøndby Masterclass,
Tlf.: +45 26 83 02 95


By Flemming Pedersen, Football Manager, BGA.

1. The coach has to be a good disciplinarian, because one of the greatest problems in our athletes, has to do with discipline in their approach to training and competitions.
As a coach Philip is very determined and ambitious. Due to that, he expect all players to be the same. In Denmark we have a saying,
that “freedom comes with hard work and by being responsible”. If the players will not act within the framework set out by the coach and the staff around the team, I’m sure Philip will act accordingly.

2. Does the coach understand the African athletes mentality based on their strength, techniques and mindset?
Philip is a people manager. He is very good at coaching players individually, which bring out the best in them. To make the team work – every single player must feel confident and knowing Philip he will both respect the African mentality and culture and use the strength to build up the team.

3. It will help us know the ideologies, techniques and method of approach in which the coach will apply in the training and improvement our athletes.
Technical skills, offensive approach to the game and ball possession is some of main ideologies/philosophies characterizing Philip. He prefer to play the 4-3-3 system.


By, Morten Gericke – Former assistant coach.

I have known Phillip through approx. 20 years. We have both been coaches in the same club and have, for many years, been talking about football, football players, technical, tactical and physical training and, the development within football. It has, throughout the last
15 years has been clear that Phillip had a great desire and a very large commitment, in his coaching career.

As a trainer, I would describe Philip as a democratic coach who is adept manpower treatment. Phillip is good to deal with the players and keep the individual “at fire”. All the players Phillip has had, has always felt comfortable to approach him. He is listening and understanding but is also demanding in his approach to the players.

He has got a brilliant way to accommodate their frustrations while putting in respect and take the decisions which he considers necessary, for the best of the team.

Phillip has through his DBU (Danish FA) education, developed his knowledge on the tactical and physical area. He’s got the ability to see more options in the players (for example, moving around on positions) and get young players to believe that their skills can be used in several positions.

Meanwhile, he has developed his insight into the physical training through training and courses. It is understood that he has a greater scientific understanding of the proper dosage of technical, tactical and physical training.

Phillip has a large network of people from the industry, so he is always updated and supplied with all that “moves” in relation to football. This applies both in relation to other coaches and former players.

It is characteristic of Phillip that he is always looking for new inspiration for new or old training methods. This makes (in my opinion)
that players feel inspired and effective learning. This applies both to new ideas and more detail-oriented training.
Last but perhaps most importantly, I would point out that Phillip as a person is very integral and dedicated in the things he was dealing with and he always provides a 100 percent loyal work. If he disagrees with the decisions or actions he takes the debate where it should
be … and involves only relevant persons.

Yours Sincerely, Morten Gericke
Former assistant coach